The Beauty of Winter Weddings

While the consensus is split between those that are excited and those that dread it, it’s inevitable that winter is just around the corner. Soon enough there will be a slight chill in the air as blankets of pristine snow cover the land. While many couples decide on a wedding during the warmer months, there are actually many reasons to decide on having your big day during the winter season.

Church Ranch Event Center, our Colorado wedding venue is found along the Rocky Mountain Front Range, making it an ideal location to say “I do” as the snowflakes slowly descend upon you and the love of your life (or inside our rustic and beautiful event hall if that’s what you’d prefer!). In this post, we’ll discuss a few of the benefits that come with a winter wedding! Contact us now for more information or to schedule a tour of our premises!

Incredible Wedding Photos

Colorado is one of the most beautiful places to be during the winter, it’s truly a wonderland. And with the immaculate white snow covering our grounds, the winter provides the opportunity for breathtaking wedding photos. The groom’s black suit against the white backdrop and even the wedding dress coalescing with the snow looks stunning. You’re also able to get close-up shots of the two of you as each unique snowflake softly lands upon you.

Less Worries About the Weather

Colorado is lucky enough that, although it does get cold, the sun still shines even during the winter. While a spring or summer wedding poses the risk of rain that, as everyone knows, is a huge disappointment on your wedding day (although people always claim that it’s good luck). During the winter, you’ll be prepared for the snow, and especially if you have the ceremony inside of our wedding venue, you’ll have no reason to continuously check weather reports.

Holiday Breaks

For friends or family that don’t live in the state that you’re having your wedding, it can be difficult to make it to any special event such as the bachelorette party, bridal show, and last but not least, the actual wedding. When planned accordingly, your guests will have a higher chance to make it out due to holiday breaks (just be sure that they can still celebrate the holidays at home!)


While we do have many couples reserved for winter weddings, we have more openings during the winter than we do during the warmer seasons since it’s technically during the “offseason.” This also includes vendors, giving you more options to choose from so that you find your perfect fit.

Church Ranch Event Center

Whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding, we recommend considering scheduling the big day during the winter. Not many can claim that they got married in a winter wonderland, and that’s exactly what you’ll have. To find out more about our event center, openings, or if you would like to tour the location, contact us now! We look forward to helping ensure that your ceremony is perfect, as it should be.