One of the fun decisions for your wedding is what type of cake to choose. At times it can be overwhelming because there are many choices. There are round cakes, square cakes, multi-tiered cakes, and cakes with fountains. Don’t forget you need to pick the flavor of cake. Cakes can come in marble, yellow, chocolate, red velvet, and that is just the beginning. Everybody does look forward to the cake!

Which Is Better?

Recently there has been a debate between cupcakes vs. wedding cakes. Wedding cakes are more traditional, while cupcakes are becoming more of a modern touch.  A wedding cake provides a visual element to your wedding. Tiers and cascading flowers can create a spectacular display. Cupcakes give you many choices as well. You could do 12 different flavors, fillings, colors. Cupcakes can be decorated simple or fancy. You can order mini or regular size.  With either choice you will want to do plates and forks.

It’s Up To You!

When deciding whether you want to use cupcakes or a wedding cake remember this is your special day. Pick what you love best! Knowing the theme of your wedding will make this decision easier. For me this decision would be very easy! I would do both! I would have a traditional cake to cut into, but would also have a fun flavor display of cupcakes. There are no rules!!