5 Tips for Selecting a Wedding Venue

It’s a big day, a lot will be happening, and there is a major financial consideration. After working with hundreds of brides, we have 5 tips for you to consider as you begin to prepare your big day:

  1. Set a budget. Your wedding is likely the first major financial undertaking the two of you take on. Whether you are footing the bill yourselves or getting support from family or friends, you can quickly find yourselves spending your way towards a financial disaster. Check the wedding landscape to get general pricing and set a budget that will work for those funding your big day. Good financial planning helps to set a good foundation for your relationship.
  2. Find the venue. Topping the “must get done” list is securing a venue. Most good venues book far in advance.  If you are looking for a Saturday evening in the summer, expect them to be booked a year out. Think about what you are looking for, it will save you a lot of time. Prepare a list of questions.  Consider taking your Maid of Honor, your mom, your sister. The search can be overwhelming and they can be very helpful.
  3. Remember he’s a guy. Don’t expect him to be as excited as you are about the wedding. Don’t take it as a bad thing. We see it all the time. He’s excited about you becoming his wife. The rest is secondary, including the ceremony. Again, don’t read this as a negative. If he wants to be very involved in the process, great.  Otherwise he may be happier if you just keep him updated and let him know when to be there. Same sex couples should expect the same issues. Either way, talk about the money.
  4. Consider date options. Thinking Saturday afternoon/evening? You can save significant money by booking your venue other times. Fridays and Sundays will cost less. Mornings will also save you money. If you are planning on a hosted (you pay the bill) bar, one advantage to mornings is you can expect a much smaller bar bill. You can save thousands by booking a weekday.  Thursday evening weddings are becoming more popular, especially if most of your guests will be local and not traveling from out of town. With guests working on Friday you can expect a lower bar bill on a Thursday night.
  5. Consider Venue Approved Vendors. If the caterer is on the venue preferred list, chances are they know what they are doing.  Same for the photographer, bakers, and other vendors. We work hard to provide our brides with a wonderful wedding and do not want problems with vendors detracting from the big day.  We know our preferred vendors deliver a great product and we don’t have to worry about their performance. Expect the same from other quality venues.

Both the venues and good caterers book up far in advance. Book the venue first so you have a secure date, then the caterer. If you are looking at a specific photographer, lock him/her down next. You will likely have more breathing room with the other vendors.