CREC became our Plan ‘A’ soon after we met with Mitchell and took the tour.

My husband and I are both Colorado natives, and I had always dreamed of a mountain wedding. When selecting our wedding venue, our first visit was to a beautiful mountain venue. We then we went to Church Ranch Event Center (CREC) the following weekend. Before going to CREC, we thought it would be our Plan ‘B’, if a mountain venue wouldn’t work for whatever reason. Well CREC became our Plan ‘A’ soon after we met with Mitchell and took the tour. It has a very mountain-Colorado feel, with the gorgeous gardens and the beautiful rustic indoor space. We didn’t even want to look anywhere else. We fell in love with Church Ranch Event Center, and all the options they had to offer.
We would highly recommend using their preferred vendors. It definitely made the whole process so much easier. We compared a few of their vendors with others and the pricing was definitely in line. Since Church Ranch Event Center referred them, we also felt confident they would do a good job.
Our coordinator Madi was wonderful. She was patient with all of our questions, and had some really good suggestions.
The three comments we heard over and over again from our guest were: 1. How beautiful our wedding was. We did very minimal decorations, so it was mostly the venue itself. 2. How good the food was. Again, we used their caterer-so good! 3. How fun our wedding was. That kind of has to do with a mix of things and the mood you set, but we would definitely recommend the photo booth, it was a huge hit. We just loved our wedding! Thank you Mitchell, Madi and everyone at Church Ranch Event Center.

Nancy & Greg