1. Cake Vs. Cupcakes

    One of the fun decisions for your wedding is what type of cake to choose. At times it can be overwhelming because there are many choices. There are round cakes, square cakes, multi-tiered cakes, and cakes with fountains. Don’t forget you need to pick the flavor of cake. Cakes can come in marble, y…Read More

  2. Before you say “Yes” to the dress

    Before you pick out your dress you first need to decide what time of year your wedding will be. Secondly, you need to choose your venue. These two things, season and location can help you decide the style you are going for- formal, semi-formal, informal. Attend Bridal shows! A great place to find ev…Read More

  3. The Big TO-DOs

    Your new full time job is the “Planning Bride” with so many ideas on Pintrest, Wedding blogs ,Wedding  sites… Just going to Google  and typing in the word Wedding or Bride can bring up thousands of sites. Lots of fun ideas, but it can be overwhelming as the ideas keep coming in. Take a deep …Read More

  4. 5 Tips On Selecting Any Venue

    It’s a big day, a lot will be happening, and it’s a major financial consideration. After working with hundreds of brides, we have 5 tips for you to consider as you begin to prepare your big day: Set a budget. Your wedding is likely the first major financial undertaking the two of you take on. W…Read More

  5. Welcome!

    Welcome to the new website for Church Ranch Events Center. Stay tuned for updates!…Read More